Beginner Bodybuilding Routine

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Beginner Bodybuilding Routine

A common question I get asked by untrained people is "What is a good beginner bodybuilding routine?" This is actually a very smart question to ask, simply workouts should be different for untrained and experienced lifters.

Generally trainings for experienced trainers will have to much volume and intensity for beginner bodybuilders. Therefore a beginner routine should be altered to suit.

That is not to say that beginners cannot do more advanced training, but you will not get the same (or any) muscle gains. A beginner routine will give you far better results, than with intermediate to advanced muscle building routines.

Beginner Bodybuilder Routine

Beginners have one great advantage of being untrained. Therefore, whenever you begin weight lifting you body will automatically add muscle, no matter the bodybuilding routine. This is because it is a new stimulus to your muscles, so your body "panics" by wondering what is happening to it, then adds muscle to compensate.

With that being said, you can get even better results with a proper muscle building routine, designed for your experience level. Rather than mess about in the gym, not really focusing on anything. With that in mind, let's have a look at the workouts.

Beginner Bodybuilding Workouts

Beginning bodybuilding workouts tend to have less volume on your muscles during a workout, compared to more advanced bodybuilding routines. Simply because your muscles do not need much stimulation to get them to grow. However to speed up the muscle building process, you are best using more frequency on your muscles with 3 full body workouts.

Full body workouts will hit your muscles three times a week, which means you will be forcing your muscles to grow three times a week. Rather than once or twice week, which is standard for more traditional muscle building routines.

Remember it is not about showing of in the gym, or proving you can do something. It is about getting the best results and you will achieve that faster with a beginner bodybuilding routine.

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