Senior Health Fitness Programs

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Senior Health Fitness Programs

Physical fitness and good nutrition can be the regime for good health. This combination is the balance between what someone puts into their body and their daily activities. Senior health fitness programs offer a healthy outlook on senior activity and diet.

Managing weight and energy can help a senior gain strength. For a healthier well being, seniors choose programs designed for the senior body and mind. Fitness to seniors may not mean running for miles or doing pilates, however, daily activity fitness is essential for a healthy mind and body. Fitness activities can help a senior lose weight by burning calories, or it can help tone the muscles. For seniors, fitness is not about looking good, it is about feeling good.

Physical activity will help strengthen the muscles and build core strength to help a senior move more freely. Also, exercise can help increase the ability to remain active longer. Many seniors need assistance in daily activities, and fitness programs will help the senior with their range of motion, joint flexibility and the ability to move easily. As fitness helps to strengthen the heart, it also maintains other inner workings of the body. Exercise will help a senior to maintain regular bowel and bladder functions, decrease the feeling of fatigue, and protect bone mass.

Seniors may become lonely as they age and become depressed. Fitness activities will help a senior to remain active and alert, which will help their mental wellness. Good physical fitness can help ward off the feelings of depression. Also, good fitness will help a person better deal with any changes that illness may bring.

To help a senior remain active they must involve physical exercise into their daily activities. Stretching is the most important type of exercise for seniors. Since stretching helps muscles and joints to stay flexible, it will help those with common joint problems to remain active. Also, stretching helps the body to warm the muscles and prevents stiffness. Since it encourages flexibility and balance, improves circulation, and releases muscle tension, seniors will be able to benefit from stretching all of the time.

Some seniors may not know this, but you should never stretch until it hurts, as pain during stretching is never good. Also, do not bounce when stretching, and never hold your breath. Breathing is necessary when stretching and exercising. Since stretching can be done at any time, the best times to stretch is when a senior gets out of bed, throughout the day, and while watching a movie or television. When riding in a car or an airplane, make sure to stretch as much as possible whenever possible. You do not want to get a blood clot from not moving enough!

To help raise the heart rate, a senior should do cardio fitness as much as possible. Do not overdo or outdo yourself when doing any exercise, and maintain a healthy balance of the types of exercise you do. A senior may not push themselves to a healthy limit, so having a personal trainer or being part of a fitness group will help maintain their focus and promote energy activities.

Always talk to a doctor before starting a new fitness activity. You may also consider a physical therapist for assistance regarding exercise. Make sure the senior health fitness program matches the needs, abilities, and limitations of the senior. A senior should do whatever they can on a consistent basis. Activities should gradually be implemented into a seniors life, as too much at once is a bad thing. Always consult a doctor before starting an exercise program, and continue talking with your doctor as you remain active.

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