Sode F85 And Horizon Evolve Sg Treadmill Indtroduction

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Sode F85 And Horizon Evolve Sg Treadmill Indtroduction

Sode F85 treadmill.

A fairly priced treadmill occasioned by the recent reduction in its price. It is considered as the best folding treadmill by experts. It is a good treadmill for use at home which occupies a very small amount of your home space. It is good for those who need a powerful treadmill but have a limitation on storage space.


1. Easy Assist Fold: Makes it easy to fold and unfold, comes with a safety lock to ensure that its firmly held after folding.

2. Powerful motor: The motor can reach speeds of up to 12mph.

3. Cushion Flex Shock: This gives your joint adequate cover against injuries that are usually as a result of running on tough surfaces.

4. Message Window: It allows you to track your performance as you go along with your exercises. It displays your Speed, Incline, Time, Distance Traveled, Calories, Pulse and Pace at all times.

5. Cooling fans and Incline and Speed Control: Allows you to select your speed, and control the level of incline while keeping cool as you workout.

6. Weight: It weighs 280 lbs which makes it stable after setup and ideal for running.

7. Warranty: It comes with a warranty of Lifetime covering the motor, frame, and 2 years on labor.

Horizon Evolve readmill

The Horizon Evolve SG Compact as the name suggests is a compact treadmill that does not eat much of your space. If you have a limited workout area then this is the best deal for you, designed for your use at home. It is so convenient that if it is not in use you might not even notice its there. The Evolve SG Compact comes with the following superior features that make it good for home use.

1. Compact: The treadmill allows the owner to store it in either an upright position or just laying it flat on the floor under a table or bed.

2. Lightweight: Weighing at 99 lbs this treadmill is so light such that to move it from one place to another mostly during storage is not a problem.

3. Small Motor: This puts a limit to the weight which can be supported at around 250 lbs.

4. 17" x 45" Walking Surface: A very limited surface for walking ideal for a person of not more than 5'9".

5. Easy Set-up: As it comes fully assembled the user has to just unfold it and plug it in.

6. Warranty: A lifetime warranty on the frame, 5-years on the motor and 1-year on parts and labor.

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