South Florida Boot Camp Fitness Program

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South Florida Boot Camp Fitness Program

What is ALL the complaining about?

Yes you have to sweat, yes it might hurt..But guess what?

Do your jeans fit the same? Do you really feel good everytime you eat that cupcake?

Listen...working out hard is back!!!,

stop trying to pretend that if you get on the wii you are working out...

Stop saying you don't have time...I got so pissed off today when someone said "I don't have 3 hours to go to the gym so I just don't bother"

Who are you kidding?

You don;t go cause you are lazy..

Yes I promote my Bootcamps all the time, but hey..

I've been training people for 15 years...maybe I picked up a thing or 2 along the way

Is my program the program to end all programs a give everyone salvation...

no but it works...

We help people look better, feel better, and perform better...and no matter what your specific fitness goal fits into one of those 3 categories...

So lets look at your excuses:

I don't have time?

We have camp at 6:15am, 11:15am, 6:30pm, and 7:45pm....6 Days per week

and if you want to say those slots don't work...we offer private coaching.'s to much...

Really...its to much? Movie tickets for 2 to watch avatar cost more than a session at Bootcamp...and they made 1 billion $$$$ it can't be that much...
$249 for 3 fitness coaching sessions a week for 4 weeks in a fitness program that really works...well maybe its to much...
If it was free...would you go...??

Exercise Balls
Exercise Bicycles
Exercise Gloves
Fitness Equipment
Smith Machine
Vibration Plates
Yoga Mats