Treadmill Mistake 3 Not Letting Go Of The Handrails

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Treadmill Mistake 3 Not Letting Go Of The Handrails

A treadmill can be a useful tool that will allow you to get your workout in when circumstances conspire to keep you from running outside. A treadmill can help you reach your goals only as long as you recognize it's limitations and adjust your training accordingly.

One common mistake that you might make when you are working out on a treadmill is that you may find yourself not letting go of the handrails.

Grabbing a hold of the handrails is easy to do, and it makes your workout much easier. The problem arises from the fact that you are then supporting your body weight with your arms, which does not allow you to elevate your heart rate, puts your body into an unnatural motion that it isn't designed for, and basically means you will be wasting your time.

When you use the handrails on a treadmill, calorie consumption is cut and you wind up taking it easier than you might believe you are. If you make your workout too easy then you will be wasting your time.

Holding onto the handrails can also lead to hurting yourself. The treadmill will be moving faster than you think that it is based on your effort and you won't be in a very natural position as your legs get pulled underneath you by the belt but your hands hold your torso in place. You can easily twist or turn your body or let go of the handrail at full speed and find yourself hurting yourself unable to keep up or even getting thrown or injured.

The handrails are there for when you are still moving at a walking pace and you want something to steady yourself as you adjust the settings on the console. The handrail gives you a spatial cue that can help keep you in the center of the belt.

If the handrails on your treadmill have a sensor on it for checking your heart rate you can feel free to place your hands there for a quick reading. Ideally, the sensors will be placed in a relatively safe position as long as you don't attempt to do your entire run while holding on.

As soon as you are done checking your heart rate or you begin moving at a quicker pace and have to start running, then you should try to keep from contacting the handrails again until you've slowed the belt down and returned to a walk.

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